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I know I can exist
without the feeling of you in my chest
I ramble on
I know I'm fine
I know you're gone
You were never mine...
Okay, that's fine, but know these things have their design.

Eleanoora Rosenholm

This is stunning, dramatic dance-pop (in the loosest sense) with an icy, crystalline beauty, despite the fact that this stuff is apparently all about the band's morbid fixation on death and desolation. This band makes the Knife seem completely normal. According to Fonal:
"Eleanoora Rosenholm and her six orphan brothers step up on the altar hunted by an unexplainable grief and misery. The nun has been desecrated in the monastery and the schools principal mutilated in the primary schools woodshed. A russian prisoner of war draws his last breath on a snowy potatoe field. The relentless fist of war strikes fire in the horizon. We will never understand why things in life turn out the way they do, for they form and grow deeper meaning despite of us. Chaos has its own will and its boot does not step to the General officers lash."
Finnish people scare me.

nite jewel

her otherwordly, wilfully lo-fi dance jams "solely on portable 8-track cassette deck, often composing her songs by layered tape edits." The results sound like a perfect, hazy union between the sweetly bizarre experimental avant-pop of her friends Ariel Pink and Tickley Feather, and the dreamy cosmic disco of Italians Do It Better heroes Glass Candy and Chromatics. Or something not too far from that, anyway.


saw a new couple of videos from chromatics + air france. nothing much ever actually happens, yet both clips manage to remain oddly transfixing throughout. Probably helps that both of these songs rule. a typically ambiguous message attached, courtesy of Sincerely Yours:
"no fantasy, no stupid escape. this is real life, this is you and me. this is real life honey, just wait and see."


These two songs share a certain feeling in common. Maybe it's the same kind of phenomenon that makes unhappy people sometimes look really, really good. Like being awkward and alone at a party, and happily putting away hard little drinks, seeing the room twist and blur in the strobe lighting, stumbling over the feet of strangers, heads turning. Nights like that, where your only real hope is of finding a corner to collapse in with someone else - someone equally as faulty in the way they work, and willing to admit it.

the holy roman army - elegy
One less call to answer, feeling full of despair, don't think i can get through it, just one last prayer.
*And it's a leap of faith, when you believe there's someone out there, it's a leap of faith when you believe that someone cares, and when i call out to you, will you be right there, right there. Searching for the answer, nobody seems to care. Oh how i wish that you were here, beside me, to wipe away my tears.

Waiting for the answer, remembering times we would share, somehow I feel you here beside me, even though your not there. Right there and i'll be waiting in the darkness when i call out to you, and i'll remember when you told me.
I could trust in you-

the story goes on
years go by
the shadow tells me
sentimental kills
everytime when i fell asleep
i wish i really have a beautiful dream
to make me happy
save me...

sentimental kills

everytime when i fell asleep
i wish i won't pretend to sleep
maybe i am a freak
everytime when i shed a tear
how i wish i won't take responsibility
to make you feel sorry
but the lazy days
lie on my bed

cry wolf

nobody believes a liar... even when he's telling the truth.
avoid suspiscion, manipulate your friends, eliminate your enemies
you lie. you die.

this practically happens in todays working society and networking.

Balestier: the other emerald hill

Hot spots:The beautiful old-fashioned terraced shophouses on leafy Pegu and Martaban Roads. Some of these are in their original, rather dilapidated state, others have been restored and are gorgeous " worthy of interior design mag" homes, and one  home on martaban road won an architectural award from URA just last year. Some creative agencies such as architecture and design firms, animation firms, and interior design/ furniture places have set up shop on these streets as well as along the main road.

I myself lived in Balestier for 11 years, am effusive about my love the area. "my heart will always be in Balestier. It is still authentically Singaporean, with the great food stalls, bird shops and a coffee wholesaler. And, the cinema at Shaw Plaza always has seats, so if you can't get into the cinemas in town, come here." But laments..."this is becoming condo central now and more ang mohs are moving in."

The real deal:

Whampoa Hawker Center where people head to for carrot cake, popiah, chicken rice and nasi padang; Rangoon Road bak kut teh; Boon Tong Kee chicken rice, the deco style Hoover Hotel; the old bird shop at the corner of Balestier Road and Pegu Road whose owner is known for his signature garish blonde/orange/red hair and his cameo appearances in local productions; the coffee wholesaler on Balestier Road; and the walk up flats on Kim Keat Close.

Alot of it is still authentic, but the condos that are springing up are encroaching on the traditional look and feel of the neighborhood. Did you know Balestier began over 160 years ago as sugar and cotton plantations that were developed by Joseph Balestier, the first American consul to Singapore.


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